Popular Organizing for Defense, Education and Revolution (PODER) Conference represents an opportunity for a broad range of organizations working toward building popular power in the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire to meet, network and strategize with one another.

PODER is a FREE single day event that will include participatory workshops, panel discussions, tabling, and more.

As residents of the cities and towns that make up the S.G.V. and I.E., we recognize that they are distinct from Los Angeles in culture, history and populace. Because we are organizers in these regions, we believe that it would be short sighted to try to replicate or import strategies that are put into practice in large, centralized cities like Los Angeles.

PODER will allow individuals and organizations to build relationships with one another and through critical discussion, begin to construct a strategic framework that can be applied to our regions.

While this conference is non-sectarian, all organizations invited to participate are loosely ideologically bound by their commitment to the abolition of class society through revolution.



December 30th

11 AM to 6 PM

The dA Center for the Arts
252 S. Main St. #D
Pomona, CA



1. Facilitate communication between regional revolutionary organizations in the S.G.V. and I.E.

2. Build the momentum of emerging popular movements in our region.

3. Create a framework for coordination and resource sharing between organizations.


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